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Elizabeth Downs Primary School is one of the Primary Intensive English Language Centres in South Australia offering the Intensive English Language Program.

The Intensive English Language Program is an intervention program that provides support to students from non-English speaking backgrounds, including Indigenous students. Most students who were born overseas in a non-English speaking country are eligible for the program within twelve months (eighteen months in junior primary) of arriving in Australia.

The aim of the program is to ensure that our students learn sufficient English to access learning in a Mainstream classroom and gain confidence to live in their new community. All classes are taught by specially trained English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teachers who have experience in teaching students with varying educational backgrounds who arrive with little or no English. Most students will spend 12-18 months in the program and can enter the program on any day after their arrival.

At Elizabeth Downs Primary School the Intensive English Language Centre is an integral part of the school with all students engaged in a variety of whole school programs. We acknowledge and value the cultural diversity of our students and support cross cultural and intercultural knowledge and understanding across the school and community.