Elizabeth Downs Primary School


Tribes at Elizabeth Downs Primary School

E.D.P.S became a Tribes school in 2008 and the philosophy and values have become the foundation of our school community. All staff and students have a common language as we work together in classrooms and beyond as Tribes is embedded in whole school culture; classroom practice, behaviour code& school policies, and staff meetings. We feel it is important that it is how everyone works together at Elizabeth Downs, not just expectations for student behaviour. It is a learning journey we go onto together.

We aim to develop a Learning Community which:

  • Develops inclusion and belonging so students, staff and visitors feel they are welcomed, valued and have a deep sense of belonging.
  • Builds knowledge, skills and understanding around cooperative learning
  • Develops conflict resolution skills
  • Provides a common language for students and staff.

Tribes is not seen as extra work, but is established as a key element to the structure and delivery of teaching and learning at our school.